Trust. The core to all of our problems. You trust others too easily. You don’t trust anyone at all. You trust the right people at the wrong times. You trust the wrong people at the right times. You trust yourself too much. You don’t trust yourself at all. 

Trust. The core to live heavenly. You open yourself up to someone. You trust their actions for you. You trust their love. You trust their words. Of course, you don’t always trust the right ones, but the right ones come out of their shell for you, eventually. 

Few years ago, I heard about the circle of trust. I thought it was silly, but with the time I decided to do my own circle of trust. Thanks to everyone who’s inside my circle of trust.


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2 Responses to Trust.

  1. love your post. I’d like to nominate you for the The Liebster Blog Award. Please check my blog, its under ” I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!” for award rules and a list of nominations which include you! Congratulations, you worked very hard and you deserve it!

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